"The Secret of the Gods"©Irene Leonardou

A team of gifted people, a discovery of Codex of Hermes and a voyage beyond the stars, against a rimy darkness lead us to Mount Olympus where unlock The Secret of the Gods.

Planet Earth - Something new is being born - Something new and at the same time primordial - A new world is breeding by the children of humanity - Its homeland is the Earth, its destination the vastness of the Universe.

Eleven people dive into the depths of a quest for an ancient Knowledge, bathing in the energy of the Cosmic Sea. Surfing on its waves, they follow crystal notes of an ethereal melody that harmoniously vibrates the most inner depths of their own. Something inside them rises in correspondence. Something like flaming lust, like nostalgia for things hidden beyond the veils of the horizon fog, things too unknown and secret… But also so excruciatingly familiar! An immense live sea of Power unfolds before them, a sea of flame and light, of color and music instead of water. A sea, not still and wave less but dynamic and fiery, that pulses and overflows of its own shrill life.

Eleven small trickles of the Primordial Sea, alive like the flame and free as the wind, finding out that life, as much as the degree of freedom of every creature, are in proportion with the percentage of their participation to the energy exchanges of the Cosmic Sea. And that being an active part of it all is a matter of individual choice. As they follow the calling brought by the winds of Knowledge, they come face to face with their own true self. Not just with what they are at the present, not only with what they had been, but also with what they could become in the future!
They join and a new being is born. A Being which itself is a new infinite Cosmos. An oneiric Cosmos made of flame and light, movement and life. A Cosmos beyond the boundaries of Time.


Official Selection Beverly Hills International Film Festival 2009

Honorable Mention Los Angeles International Film & Script Festival 2010

Best Independent Spirit Screenplay Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival 2010

Official Selection Love Unlimited Film Festival and Art Exhibition 2011

Official Selection Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2011
Official Selection LGFF 2011

Honorable Mention Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival Fall 2011

Official Selection Awareness Festival 2012 


The Art of Change

"The Art of Change"
by Irene Leonardou

Art gallery 911. A “Gate” where Destiny meets Free Will! And then a catalytic change for all involved begins...

Nellie a recent divorcee fulfills her dream of becoming an owner of an art gallery in NYC. Her gallery “911” becomes the place where astute change in the lives of a group of people takes place. People of completely different backgrounds blend in and change to the better.

  A freelance Sex therapist seeking a love companion finds it in Nellie’s heart while a banker is his persistent rival!
  A starving for sex Ukrainian emigrant, Nellie’s housekeeper, lives and dreams of famous people while she struggles to make ends meet daily. She will be transformed into a newbie artist’s Muse, a businesswoman, a mother and a mother in law of her ex husband who is in the Catering Business and becomes a Chef to his own restaurant. He finds a partner in his life as he comes out of the closet, finally.
 A gay Art Critic, who loses his companion but gains his father’s respect because the father accepts and likes his new partner, also becomes a brother with a little sister.
 His father confronts his homophobia and the thesis of this play is that there is a right place for everyone in this world and love and friendship cements us all in it.
 Nellie’s daughter a law student, acts as a righteous judge to all around her and let’s everyone understand that Change is an Art we must all embrace.
Adaptation of the book by Kelly Andria